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Book Your Hotels On the Move To Save Money

by Don Grant

If your holiday is a trip that takes in several different places, you can make your money stretch further by booking hotels online while your holiday is in progress. 

Start with some security

Book your first night's accommodation before you set off. Spontaneity may be fun, but on the first day of your holiday, it's important to keep stress to a minimum. If you're worrying about booking your first hotel, you might not enjoy the start of your trip as much as you would like.

Be app-happy

Download a suitable app to your phone beforehand, too. This will enable you to search and book hotel rooms wherever you can get a signal. If you're taking your laptop with you, you can make bookings from coffee shops, pubs or any other places that have Wi-Fi, but if you want to find a hotel while you're sitting on a train or in the passenger seat of your car, your phone is ideal.

Keep your eyes open

When you arrive at your first destination, go sightseeing. While you're out and about, make a point of looking for hotels. If you come across one that you like the look of, why not go inside and take a look at the lobby? If there's a bar or restaurant that's open to non-residents, have a drink or something to eat.

Afterwards, if you're satisfied with the service, go online and make a booking.

Special treatment

To achieve higher occupancy, hoteliers put empty rooms on online booking websites at very attractive rates. Someone's last-minute cancellation could mean the best night of your trip. There might be a discount for booking two or three nights instead of just one, or there might be an upgrade to a larger room if you pay only slightly more. Other special offers include complimentary breakfasts, discounts on dinner and free parking.   

A bit out of your league?

These special deals mean that you can afford to look for hotels with higher STAR ratings, which you might normally consider out of your price range. You might not have sufficient funds to walk in and book a night in a five-star hotel, but if you search online, you could find that a night at the luxury hotel around the corner costs the same as – or less than – a night at the three-star place you almost booked.

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