Hotels: Beds, Pull-Out Couches and Other Hotel Furnishings

3 Unique Accommodation Options In Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is a must-visit destination, and for people in Australia, the city is extremely easy to get to with many direct flights connecting to major Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. As when you travel to any new destination, it can be a great idea to undertake some research about Tokyo before visiting so you know the lay of the land. It’s particularly important to understand the accommodation options in this city because there are many options outside of booking a hotel online. Here are three accommodation options that are unique to Tokyo that you might want to try out.

Ryokans and Minshukus. A Ryokan is essentially a traditional Japanese Inn, and a Minshuku is a more basic family run version of this. Sleeping arrangements will be simple, but you will be experiencing the real Japan. Think a tatami mat on a …

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Are Serviced Apartments the Right Accommodation Choice for You?

A serviced apartment is a hybrid of a traditional hotel room and a self-catered holiday rental. The apartment has a kitchen and appliances, but is still regularly serviced by cleaning staff and linen and towels are provided. Usually, serviced apartments will be in a complex with hotel-like facilities, such as a central lobby with concierge or the use of a gym and pool. For many people, this is the perfect accommodation. If you fall into one or more of the following groups, it is definitely something you should consider for your next jaunt away from home.

Young Family

When you’re travelling with children, particularly young ones, having your own kitchen is a boon. You can feed them at any time of day without fitting into restaurant service hours and you can deal with fussy eaters on their own terms. The extra space in a serviced apartment also allows for separate …

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Selecting The Right Accommodation For Your Needs

There are many different types and styles of accommodation which serve the needs of people on vacation, people who are on a business trip, or people visiting a city for a day who require an overnight stay. It is important to select the correct accommodation which provides you with as many services as possible for your money. Many established hotels are available in most major cities around the world, but do not always offer that ‘home from home’ feeling.

This article has a look at the different accommodations available, and in which situations they are best used for. Read on to find out more.


A typical hotel will offer apartment-like rooms, with a shower or bath, and beds to sleep in. There are no cooking facilities in a hotel room; meals are usually taken in a different room. This is the most popular choice of accommodation for people who …

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Heading For Australia? Three Cities Where The Hotels Match Their City’s Distinctive Personality

If a business trip or a vacation has you travelling to any of these three cities, you’ll find that the local hotels do their best to mirror their city’s personality. These are modest sized cities, not huge metro areas like Sydney or Melbourne. But, you will still find first rate city hotels with impeccable furnishings and excellent customer service.

Bunbury, Western Australia

Sitting near the southwestern tip of the continent, Bunbury, Western Australia, is an old mining town that was founded in the early 1800s.  Its oldest hotel dates back to the Victorian age and though it’s been updated with modern amenities, the décor is delightfully vintage. City hotels in Bunbury, even though many are modern structures, embrace this old fashioned charm. Most hotels are located on or around Victoria St. and the downtown core, and are within walking distance of the beach and major attractions. The Bunbury …

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Book Your Hotels On the Move To Save Money

If your holiday is a trip that takes in several different places, you can make your money stretch further by booking hotels online while your holiday is in progress. 

Start with some security

Book your first night’s accommodation before you set off. Spontaneity may be fun, but on the first day of your holiday, it’s important to keep stress to a minimum. If you’re worrying about booking your first hotel, you might not enjoy the start of your trip as much as you would like.

Be app-happy

Download a suitable app to your phone beforehand, too. This will enable you to search and book hotel rooms wherever you can get a signal. If you’re taking your laptop with you, you can make bookings from coffee shops, pubs or any other places that have Wi-Fi, but if you want to find a hotel while you’re sitting on a train or in …

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How to do classic pub meals – with an all new twist

Thinking about starting up or wanting to buy a pub in Australia? You’ll be needing great booze, a sunny beer garden and, of course, a classic pub menu. But a successful pub venture is going to take a bit of extra consideration. Times have changed a little, and while a traditional pub meal is still popular, they’ve been adapted slightly. Let’s take a look at the good old-fashioned meals that people are still eating and the little twists that keep them hot.

The Parma

Chicken parmigiana is the mother of all pub meals. But a shoddy parma can mean the death of your business. If you’re going to do a parma, here’s how to do it right. Choose your parma-style by gauging the vibe in the location. If it’s hip and trendy, you’ll want a vegan alternative, made from either faux chicken or eggplant in the Italian way. If you’re …

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