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Caravan Sites: Tips for Selecting an Ideal Location

by Don Grant

Caravan holidays are a convenient and affordable away to go on vacation with friends or family. A common assumption newbie caravanners make, though, is assuming that all caravan sites are the same. The reality is that just as you would have to contemplate various hotels when looking for vacation accommodation, you would also be required to consider different caravan sites to ensure that they suit your holiday needs. Once you have your budget in mind, the following are a few of the tips that you could use to narrow down an ideal location.

Consider the pitch size available to you

Pitch size refers to the amount of space the caravan park will provide each caravanner. Some caravan sites may have one size of space allocated to everyone, whereas others may give you the flexibility to increase your pitch size for a higher price. To decide what pitch size would be suited for your needs, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, if you will be using an awning with your caravan, then you would require extra space for the additional shelter. Secondly, if you will be travelling with many people, you should also consider additional pitch space so that you can comfortably spend time outside your caravan without getting in the way of other caravanners.

Consider the facilities available

Another top priority when contemplating a caravan site would be the different services that would be available on site. The facilities you would prefer would differ from one person to the next. For instance, some people may want to have a wholesome outdoor adventure, which would involve preparing their own meals as part of their camping experience. Other individuals may simply want their caravan for accommodation and would prefer to eat at a restaurant during their stay at the caravan site. Knowing what facilities would be prudent for your comfort would enable you to whittle down your caravan site options.

Consider if the location is child-friendly

If you will be travelling with younger children, it would be essential to ensure that they will be occupied while at the caravan site. This is particularly the case with smaller kids who would quickly become bored and fussy if they are not entertained. Child-friendly caravan sites may have different activities available such as a swimming pool, a playground or even a kids club. It should also be noted that some caravan sites might be exclusive to adults only.