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Are Serviced Apartments the Right Accommodation Choice for You?

by Don Grant

A serviced apartment is a hybrid of a traditional hotel room and a self-catered holiday rental. The apartment has a kitchen and appliances, but is still regularly serviced by cleaning staff and linen and towels are provided. Usually, serviced apartments will be in a complex with hotel-like facilities, such as a central lobby with concierge or the use of a gym and pool. For many people, this is the perfect accommodation. If you fall into one or more of the following groups, it is definitely something you should consider for your next jaunt away from home.

Young Family

When you're travelling with children, particularly young ones, having your own kitchen is a boon. You can feed them at any time of day without fitting into restaurant service hours and you can deal with fussy eaters on their own terms. The extra space in a serviced apartment also allows for separate bedrooms and room to play.

Long stay

If you are going to be visiting a city for a long stay, perhaps for work, a serviced apartment allows you more comfort than a hotel room. Like having your own flat, you have privacy and the option to spread out and settle in, yet you still don't have to worry about the housework.

Dietary requirements

If you have food intolerances or are on a strict diet regimen, staying in a hotel would see you constantly battling to find a restaurant menu that works for you. Staying somewhere with a kitchen, so you can prepare your own food as it needs to be, would be a great solution.


Many serviced apartment complexes are located at the hub of cities, or in areas where there is a high demand for them. Canberra, in particular, with its visiting politicians and the parliamentary calendar, has a strong need for long-term business accommodation. If you love to be in the heart of things, within easy reach of the sightseeing attractions, there will be a serviced apartment just right for you.


One of the strongest arguments for staying in a serviced apartment is the cost. If you are staying for more than a few days, a serviced apartment can be much more reasonably priced than a hotel room.

Serviced apartments (like those at Executive Living) are springing up all over the country. Many of the larger hotel chains now offer apartments and studios as well as traditional rooms, often within the same building. Have a look at what is on offer next time you take a trip.