Hotels: Beds, Pull-Out Couches and Other Hotel Furnishings

Selecting The Right Accommodation For Your Needs

by Don Grant

There are many different types and styles of accommodation which serve the needs of people on vacation, people who are on a business trip, or people visiting a city for a day who require an overnight stay. It is important to select the correct accommodation which provides you with as many services as possible for your money. Many established hotels are available in most major cities around the world, but do not always offer that 'home from home' feeling.

This article has a look at the different accommodations available, and in which situations they are best used for. Read on to find out more.


A typical hotel will offer apartment-like rooms, with a shower or bath, and beds to sleep in. There are no cooking facilities in a hotel room; meals are usually taken in a different room. This is the most popular choice of accommodation for people who are on business trips. Generally, a hotel will have its own bar and restaurant for customers and non-staying guests to use. Some hotels can be expensive, even for a one night stay.

Guest Houses

Guest houses are sometimes known as B&Bs – this stands for 'bed and breakfast'. These are usually in properties which are large, and have multiple bedrooms, some of which are rented out to overnight visitors to a city. This is a private property, and you are effectively staying in another person's home. Guest house owners will provide a breakfast for the guest, and many rooms in the guest house come with a private bathroom. Generally speaking, the rooms in a guest house will not have facilities which are as comprehensive as a hotel room; there is usually no television or music center in a guest house room. Guest houses also rely on the personal touch of the homeowner, and this can make a big difference to the experience.


Hostels are a great idea for a group of people who wish to stay a night before moving on the next day. They are usually inexpensive to rent out, and perfect for a group of people on a walking or cycling holiday. One cooking facility is used for all the guests requirements. Typically, one dormitory style room is used for all of the guests, so it is good for socializing; however, there is a distinct lack of privacy when using a hostel room. Bathroom facilities are usually located elsewhere in the hostel, and guests must walk from their room to make use of them.

 Most countries rank their accommodation with a star or diamond system, taking into account things like cleanliness, cost per night, and accessibility. Check out companies such as Gunnedah Lodge Motel for more information.