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Judging a Hotel by its Rating: The Hotel Star Rating Explained

by Don Grant

Hotels are judged from a simple star rating. This can sometimes define the hotel itself with many saying which star hotel they're staying in rather than the hotels name itself. The assumption is that the higher star rating, the better the hotel is but that's not always true. The star rating wasn't always to show the quality; it was first used to inform travellers of the basic facilities available and many still have this system.

When you're browsing hotels and are discouraged from a lower star hotel just consider if it meets your needs and then check the reviews to accurately see how the hotel performs. Many actually confuse the star rating itself with the review rating and see a hotel with fewer stars less desirable. Read on to learn about this system as you research hotels like Hougoumont Hotel Fremantle.

One Star

Surprisingly the lowest stars requirements are pretty much everything a typical traveller requires such as every room with a toilet and shower, daily room cleaning, colour TV and a telephone for guests. This describes the bare minimum in most hotels and as the star rating goes up you'll notice the luxuries improve. These are known to be smaller independent businesses. 

Two Star

The requirements for a two star are a breakfast buffet, reading lights available, complementary shower gels and soaps, bath towels provided and the requirement to accept credit cards. They are typically located reasonably close to tourist attractions and have dining available in the hotel or affordable food is close by; this is the defining difference between one and two star hotels. 

Three Star

These are often slightly larger and more luxurious versions of the 2-star hotel with a restaurant often being open from breakfast through till dinner. They're normally located in the business and finance areas and usually have facilities such as a gym and swimming pool. Most commonly used by business as a low cost but efficient hotel to stay in. This is noticeable with many of the guests being staying for business reasons rather than pleasure.   

Four Star

These have room service available with a front desk and bellhop. These hotels are often located in upper class areas with more other four star hotels located close by. They have fitness areas such as a gym and swimming pool available. The hotels themselves are often located near attractions with shopping and dining close by. Similar to the three star, 4-star hotels often have guests of both business and pleasure with the hotel trying to accommodate both of these by being located close to attractions and dining. 

Five Star

These are the best of the best offering incredible levels of personal customer service. They are often larger chain properties which are located in the most desirable locations such as directly in the city centres. Some of them have up to 3 restaurants located within the hotel and 24-hour room service available. Heated pools and in room Jacuzzis are just some of the ways these hotels get their five star rating.