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How to make your budget holiday feel like a luxury getaway

by Don Grant

Not everybody can afford to stay in 5 star hotels and dine out at the finest restaurants on every night of a trip, but everybody does deserve a break and a bit of pampering now and again. Even if you are on an extremely tight budget, there are ways that you can make your budget holiday feel like a luxury getaway, and create memories that you won't ever forget.

Have one or two really decadent meals out. When you are on holiday, the cost of eating out can really pile up, especially if you have a family to feed. Opting for budget, self-catering accommodation is a very good idea because it allows you to be able to cook your own meals and save on extortionate restaurant costs. With that said, what is a holiday without at least one beautiful meal in your chosen destination? Instead of eating all your meals out and dining at mediocre places, cook for yourself most of the time but splurge on one or two really incredible dinners. These meals will linger on your palette and stay in your memory for a long time, and give you the feeling that you are truly indulging in a luxury holiday.

Choose budget accommodation. Great holidays are all about experiences, they are not about fancy hotel rooms. Forget 5 star hotels – they are just unnecessary when you are going to spend most of your time doing fun activities outside anyway. With the money that you save by choosing budget accommodation in Australia or wherever you happen to be holidaying, think of some of the exciting things you could do to make your holiday memorable – you could purchase surfing lessons, indulge in couples massages, or eat in the fanciest restaurants in town.  It's these experiences that will make your holiday feel like a luxury trip, not the four walls of your hotel room.

Visit cheap destinations. When travelling to somewhere like Thailand or India, even the most impoverished traveller can indulge in luxuries because of the relative strength of the Australian dollar and the low cost of living in these countries. Why not make your budget stretch further and indulge in some unique and indulgent experiences in these countries? The management at your budget accommodation, such as Welcome Inn 277, will likely have additional suggestions for fun activities that are easy on the budget no matter where you are travelling.

Even if your wallet feels a little slim, you can still have a luxury holiday by following these pro travel trips.