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Things to consider before choosing a wedding venue

by Don Grant

Choosing a venue for your wedding is a tough decision. This is because it has to fit your wedding style, accommodate all your guests and be in line with your budget. There are basic considerations that are important when deciding on a function venue. These are:


There are many logistics involved in a wedding. This includes the catering, decorations, guest transportation and accommodation. An easily accessible function venue will simplify logistics. The venue should also be easily accessible by older persons, or those with disabilities. It should have wheelchair access, and be suited for young kids as well.


The best wedding venue should ideally provide all services in one package. This will include event planning, catering, furniture rentals, linens and decorations, etc. Getting a full service package will be significantly cheaper than sourcing from several suppliers. It also makes coordination easier, since only one entity will be involved in providing the services.


The function venue should have all the necessary amenities including accommodation, after party facilities, and kid's entertainment among others. The size of the venue should be able to accommodate all guests. Consider such requirements as ample parking, a dance floor for the party, or an alternative sheltered area in case it rains. It helps to confirm the number of guests early, to make an accurate assessment of the venue.

Visit beforehand

Visit the venue at the same time of day you plan to hold the wedding. This will give you a good idea of what the conditions at the function venue will be on the wedding day. This includes the direction of sunlight, wind conditions, traffic, and temperatures among others. Find out if you can see the venue set up for a wedding. This will give you an idea of how it will look with event decorations and lighting.

Decide on the style

You need to decide early on the style of wedding you want. This will dictate the type of function venue that goes with it. This is important because late changes to your style may require a change of venue altogether. It will also make it easier to plan ahead for special decorations, furniture and lighting for your chosen theme.

Before you settle on a particular venue, such as Norwood House Motel, speak to the management to get all the details about their services. This will clear up any misunderstanding about what is covered in the package, and what will have to be paid for as extras. Find out if there is upcoming landscaping work that may alter the venue. Communicating effectively with function venue management will ensure your wedding goes as smoothly as planned.