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Desperately Seeking Romance: Choosing the Perfect Getaway

by Don Grant

You've worked hard and finally found the time for that romantic getaway. You want everything to be perfect. Choose your destination carefully, then look for clues in accommodation descriptions in order to select your ideal escape.

Places to go

You want to go somewhere that is peaceful, scenic and has good food. Australia has numerous choices. 

  • Beach: Imagine long strolls on the golden sand, then falling asleep to the gentle sounds of waves crashing on the shore. An abundance of delicious seafood, including oysters for the particularly amorous.
  • Mountains: Birds singing in the trees and bush trails to explore will ensure that love is in the air. Enjoy hearty servings of local food to appease the appetite you've built up.
  • Farm: With clean country air, adorable animals, horse-riding, you'll be far from civilisation. Add healthy, farm-fresh tucker for an idyllic retreat.
  • Island: Escape the hustle and bustle, far from the pressures of home. There will be lots of seafood, of course, and more than likely a naughtily-named cocktail or two.
  • City: Wander through art galleries, museums and parks, go to see a show and dine at a special restaurant. View the bright lights at night.

Read the descriptions

You've researched your perfect destination. Now look for clues in the descriptions to find superb accommodation.

If the accommodation seems to cater exclusively for families, singles or business people, you may wish to avoid those options. Splashing children in the pool? Loud party music late into the night? Business people rushing through the lobby? You certainly won't be able to relax. Many types of accommodation cater for a combination of clientele with rooms for couples in a separate area. Check descriptions carefully to see if that is the case.

Certain words and phrases literally leap off the page screaming romance. Look for the obvious words like "couples", "retreat", "honeymoon" and "fantasy". The following words will also help lead you to your ideal accommodation.

"Spa": This definitely suggests a lazy getaway for two. Nothing spells romance like a glass of wine and a warm spa bath.

"Stylish, luxury": These words conjure such images as marble baths, high ceilings and expensive artwork. Living like a movie star is definitely romantic.

"Secluded, private, tranquil": You definitely won't be disturbed based on descriptions using these words.  

"Exotic": This hints at a combination of luxury, beautiful scenery and exclusivity. 

"Fireplace": For a winter retreat, a fireplace certainly indicates intimacy and romance.

After all that research, your destination and accommodation should be exquisite. Remember though, if you really are with Mr. or Mrs. Right, romance will blossom wherever you choose to stay. Contact different accommodations, such as Motel Argyle Motor Lodge, to discuss your plans and requirements—they'll be happy to help you find the perfect lodging solution.